[brume1] Can adguard home exclude a subrouter and let devices under it access otherwise blocked sites?

my 1’ router is brume1, having .8.1 network, i can easily block youtube etc on this .8.1 network using adguard home.

i got a 2’ router opal as 8.216, and under it is my chromebook. this is as a .58.200 in this .58.* network.

currently every device is blocked from youtube by the adguard home at brume1.

i asked gpt4 that i could exclude opal from the brume’s adguardhome,
however, the chromebook still could not access youtube.

brume1’s adguard home is the sole problem as if i disable it, the chromebook can access youtube.

help appreciated, thanks

brume1 on 3.216,
adguardhome v0.107.40


everything unchecked:

even i say pause all the time:

upstream DNS untouched,

so currently,
if the brume1’s adguardhome is ON,
then my chromebook can only access say on.cc,
but not youtube.com


the service that i dont want,
could be set both as service e.g. youtube,
or as custom filter domains.

i tried both way dont work as i expected.

My advise: Don’t think as AdGuard like an DNS blocking service. It’s not designed to work like this. DNS blocking is pretty easy to work around - since it’s not some Deep Inspection Magic

To exclude an device on the second router you have to do either:

  1. Replicate the AdGuard configuration to the 2nd router and use an public DNS server as the root server. So you exclude the whole router.

  2. Forward all DNS to the 1st router and exclude your chromebook there.

Oh, and of course it will only work when you use the „AdGuard handle clients directly“ switch.

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Adguard is a VPN and runs internally on

You cannot bypass adguard for specific devices etc because of the way it works by encapsulating all of the traffic.

You will have to do as said by having the adguard device doing the adguard things and those you don’t want protected on another router BEFORE that one. Isp>(not adguard router)>adguard router.