Brume2 Drop-in Gateway with ASUS AX6600 WIREGUARD VPN

I just received my Brume2 and got it up and working with my ASUS AX6600 router and got Adguard working which is why I got the Brume2. But now I can’t get the Wireguard VPN on my ASUS routers to work that I use to check my security cameras from my Android phone to work anymore. I tried setting up the VPN on the Brume2 but that doesn’t work either and apparently won’t from what I read here. I changed the DNS server that the Wireguard app on the phone uses to point to the Brume2 and it still doesn’t work. I also opened up the ports on the Brume2 firewall. I am able to ping the Asus router and the Brume2 from the VPN so they are connected but I can’t do anything else and I do have port 80 open on the Brume2 firewall but can’t access webpages. I also completely disabled the firewall on the Asus just to see if the firewall was conflicted withe the Brume2 and nothing. Should I leave that off since the Brume is handling it now? Any help would be appreciated.

Why do you use the drop-in feature?

I have a lot of assigned IPs on my network for security cameras and IOT devices and like the Asus router. I just wanted to be able to add Adguard Home to my network.

I would never recommend the drop-in gateway to anyone. It‘s more like some emergency solution for a problem that usually does not exist.

My recommendation: Replace your main router by the GL one. Creating the DHCP reservations should be easy and fast to do.

Or you could put the GL router one level higher - so your current router is connected to the GL and there will be AGH.