Brume2 for adguard only without replacing main router


I want to use the brume2 to run Adguard only so instead of replacing my main router I want to use it as a drop-in gateway and then set the DNS server option in DHCP on my main router to point to the brume. This in theory should work but I’m having trouble with it. After setting everything up, dns queries on the brume WAN interface are not making it to Adguard. If I query the adguard port directly (via dig @ -p 3053) it works ( is the brume). I’ve already got client queries redirected and can see the NAT rule to send traffic from port 53->3053 but it doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

This took some fiddling but I got it to work (did not use drop-in gateway). I set my IP addressing on the brume to match the lan, then set the mode to bridged. After that I did everything via command line or luci.

  1. Changed the dnsmasq port to 54: uci set dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].port="54"
  2. Created a bridge device “br-lan” and bridged lan and wan manually under network interfaces in luci (I thought setting bridged mode would do this automatically???) and added a static default route via main router and bridge interface.
  3. Installed adguardhome manually (had to delete the gl sdk package first) and went to configure it at
  4. Set adguardhome to listen on which is now no longer used by dnsmasq and set the dashboard on as port 3000 was being used by the setup ui.
  5. Edited /etc/resolv.conf to use adguard as the DNS server for queries from the brume itself: nameserver
  6. Changed my DHCP options to point all clients to
  7. Profit