Brume2 WG server suddenly down

I have a Brume2 setup as a wireguard server in my home to access my home network whenever Im away. I use a ddns and port forward port 51820. Everything was working perfectly for months and now all of the sudden it’s not working.

Im not home atm (working from another country) and can’t check the brume logs. But I have a smart plug connected to it and tried restarting it many times to see if it fixes the issue but it doesn’t.

Logs on my clients show that handshake didn’t complete. I spoke to my ISP and they told me they haven’t changed anything on my side, so even though ip is dynamic, i still have the same ip and my ports are not blocked (assuming they are telling me the truth).

Is there a way to check remotely if my port was blocked by ISP? Or any other way to check why my vpn server is down?

Ps: my clients are ios devices and a slateAX.

You need to check the log files on the server (/router) - no other way to make any statements.

I guess im fckd then. Thnks for the reply. My isp recently got hacked (orange spain) and I suspect they might’ve blocked my opened port or have done something else.

Brume2 does not support Goodcloud? (I am not sure)
Any other way to get inside your network? Teamviewer?

You can also check if the wan cable for Brume2 is still solid.