Brume2 - WireGuard VPN Server Only for Existing LAN

Looking to setup a Brume2 as a Wireguard VPN server, so I can remotely access my home LAN. I have an existing router that for other reasons I need to keep in place. I have an Pi currently running Wireguard that I’m looking to replace with the Brume2.

What is the best approach (aside from replacing my current router) for setting this up?

Thanks in advance!

Best approach is always

  1. Connect Brume 2’s WAN to your main wifi’s LAN
  2. Set up port forward from main router’s 51820 to Brume 2’s IP
  3. Enable Wireguard server.
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not sure this is the right thread for this but tried to not to create another new post

I have brome 2 connect to Telstra smart modem gen 2 (Australia ISP)

I tried to set up port forward from the smart modem to Brume 2 (that is running wireguard server, try not to use openvpn for obvious reason)

I need help to set up the port forward

Question 1 - which service do I choose , web server or vpn? and what port from Wan to Lan?

but if vpn, there is no option for wireguard , so I have to force to use openvpn?

What is in the list? I think you just need to try. Maybe it does not matter. It is just shortcut to fill the values.

Here is what you should do:

Name: Any name you want to set
Protocol: UDP. This is a must
WAN Port: 51820
LAN Port: 51820
Desitination IP: find the IP address of Brume2’s WAN interface.

oh, it does not work on TCP ?

Wireguard work on UDP, not TCP.

Choose openvpn if you need TCP.

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