[BUG] GL-iNet AX1800 crashing

GL-iNet AX1800 V4.5.0 Beta - Oct 09,2023

The router simply freezes and nothing can be done.

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Cannot access the control panel. The connection via Ethernet cable disappears.

This occurs after a few hours of use.

I have to force it to turn off by unplugging it.

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Beta firmware. They come without a guarantee.

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Yes, I use the stable version and test the beta to provide feedback.

I’m reporting it so they can investigate further.

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I’m running on 10/9 4.50 firmware…For me the problem was DHCP…I have only two devices that are connected via ethernet on the FLINT router. Up until 4.50 I was using DHCP on the flint to handout IPs to my two connected devices (Secondary router handling internal LAN and a OOMA Telo VOIP adapter). After installing firmware 4.50 10/9 (Which is listed as release candidate) I first noticed my OOMA VOIP Adapter would no longer make or receive calls. Then If any change was made to the Flint Router’s setup I would lose connectivity on my internal LAN…What was actually happening is that my secondary router was not getting a correct DHCP IP handed out and it would lose connectivity. The DHCP issue also affected my VOIP Adapter and it would not make or receive calls. The solution for me was to disable the DHCP server on the FLINT router and to assign static IPs on my two devices (Static WAN Port for my secondary Router and Static IP Assignment for my OOMA Telo VOIP adapter…Working like a charm now…I believe the issue is the new KMWAN is causing problems with the DHCP routing. Anyway simply disabling the DHCP server on the FLINT and assigning static IPs for my two devices (router and voip adapter) remedied the issue. However for others having to assign static IPs for all their devices would be too troublesome. Since my secondary router handles all the DHCP and Static assignments on the LAN it’s not such a big issue for me.

Well…Unfortunately this morning after my FLINT router did it’s scheduled daily reboot…My OOMA Telo VOIP adapter would not make or receive calls again with firmware version 4.50 running on the FLINT…It worked all day yesterday after turning off the DHCP Server (And assigning static IP to the OOMA)…Today no go…Definitely screwed up routing on the FLINT 4.50 firmware…Oh well back up and running on Firmware version 4.46 and all working well…