Bug report - AR750 v.3.103

I hope it is ok to post bugs here -

  1. when connecting a wireguard client the main screen with the router illustration shows vpn as disconnected although the connection is up and working fine;

  2. under “Custom DNS Server” settings, when selecting “DNS over TLS” and picking Cloudflare, the setting seems to revert back to NextDNS upon screen refresh and reboots (possibly just display issue);

and while I am here, a humble minor feature request -
is it possible to have the graphic on the main screen change when the connected vpn type is OVPN vs WG? even a simple “w” or “g” overlay on the shield might be great.
some folks, like me, use both protocols especially when travelling

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guessing if your seeing nextdns settings then your running snapshot.
there is a newer bin in testing although it actually shows a lower bin number of 3.102… it is an april 3rd not the 3.103 march 2nd. I’m going by file date not revision… I guess I could be wrong.

hi @rp201rp
if you are correct then this would be very confusing to say the least.

it would be great if someone from the dev team can clarify

very confusing would be having a choice of like 5 or six files. having only two files to choose from means you got it, or your only just 1 away. :wink:

after going back to 3.102 and testing these issues - i can confirm that issue #1 above does exist there too, but not issue #2

NextDNS uses a different ssl library and we have to add this in even newer version after upgrade to openwrt 1907.

hi @alzhao,
thanks for the reply but what about the 1st bug i mentioned? (visual representation of the wireguard connection up and running. see my first post - item 1)

I am using AR750s and I don’t have that problem. Firmware v3.104.

that’s cool @alzhao but it is not the device nor the version I was reporting the bug on :smile:
if what you are saying is that it is positively resolved on 104 and it would eventually get released for the AR750 then i’ll happily wait.

Let me test the same model and firmware version today.

Thanks for your feedback, the problem has been solved, you can download the latest firmware from the link below

hi @wellnw.
downloaded, tested and confirmed as fixed.

quick note - it might be useful to have the graphics on the home screen show some sort of difference between VPN connection on openvpn and VPN connection on wireguard.
it is not a big deal for us users, but for some people that use multiple profiles it might be great.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider your suggestion