[BUG] s1300: port forwarding does not work from LAN due to lack of FORWARD chain rules for it


I am running s1300 with firmware version 3.029. It seems that adding port forward rule works from WAN, however when I use my WAN IP and this port from within LAN it does not work, just timeouts.

It appears to me that the the rules go to the chain GL_SPEC_FORWARDING that is part of PREROUTING chain. For this to work for LAN clients it would be required to also add chain/rules to the FORWARD chain, as this is what is used when traffic originates from within LAN/bridges.

@alzhao could you please look into it? Thanks.

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@alzhao ping

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Sorry for missing this and I will let engineers have a check!

Yes, confirmed this bug. We’ll fix this in 3.104 release. We’ll use /etc/config/firewall for firewall configuration as openwrt system. That can set NAT loopback option correctly as luci.