Bug Tracker Idea

Hi guys,

I’ve been watching the forum very actively over the past few months and I think it would be great for the whole community if there was a publicly viewable Bug Tracker / New Feature list.

Do you use a tool internally that could either be made read only in some form to the public or export a list periodically?

I think it would avoid about half of the posts in each thread!

Just my opinion though.

Keep up the good work.



We had public bug tracker before. But it is very difficult to manage.

Now we still prefer to use internal tracker. Bugs will be submitted when verified.

I don’t think you should disclose the list within the development team. In forums where all contributors are treated equally, it doesn’t make sense for users to know the internal rating of a post.
However, there should be plenty of room to improve the searchability and migration of the forum, so it sounds like a good idea to aggregate the posts themselves.

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A own transparent bugtracker are a good way to protect the products a little bit for some years open bugs.

It can be the customer and shareholder will like it.

They are again and again some bug lists, made by gl user. The gl own bug tracer was delete by quality and transparency initiative. Thats verry motivating to test the products a little bit and give input for improments…

The issue is that most of the devs don’t speak good english. This means you need to have a public tracker in english, copy over all the data to the internal one, then when things are done copy it back.

Then there was a flood of users posting the same issues over and over without searching. So there needed to be double moderation, here on the forums and on the bug tracker as well. GL having to search for issues here and there. That was unsustainable.

A lot of extra work, without much benefits. This extra wasted time can be used to find and fix bugs and add features.

So right now, users can continue to post bugs and features they want here on the forums, the GL team will then confirm the bug and add it to the internal tracker to fix it.

Please don’t make a lot of threads on the same issues, and don’t post the same things over and over, it will not help your cause. Post once, and it’s done. Use the search.


Given all that I totally agree!

And yes, search is the key for everyone’s success!

Looking forward to the next build release!


Ah^~… I had never thought about it… because I’m always can be helped by the conversation partner.

When I got the MV-1000W, I tried to get the known bugs and all the tips, but I was so frustrated by the terrible searchability of this forum.
So I wanted to reformat and weight all posts to improve them by a good engineer, but so hard if it’s due to English uncertainty!

It’s annoying… but thank you for explaining🙇‍♂️

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Which language does the gl developer speak ?

They speak Mandarin and write in Simplified Chinese.

The only devs that speak good english are @hansome (QSDK developer), @luochongjun (All around dev), @Leo (Web / Cloud / S2S), @Riho-shuu .

Other devs speak almost or no English at all, the devs above relay issues to the others.

Then you have the super star @alzhao doing CEO/CTO work and support.

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If the developers speak Mandarin and write in simplified Chinese, the translator from www.depl.com could be a solution for gl.

I translate what I am writing with this online from German to English. It can translate just as well from German to Chinese or from English to Chinese and vice versa.

Deepl.com’s translator is much better than Google’s, Microsoft’s and so on.

The bug tracker could thus even be written exclusively in Chinese by GL customers for the developers without any problems. Just as well, the developers could certainly also integrate a machine translation into the GL forum. This would have the advantage that a spelling correction would always be active in the texts.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

如果开发者会说普通话,用简体中文书写,那么来自www.depl.com 的翻译器就可以解决gl。




Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Yeah that doesn’t work. The devs barely understand when Alfie or others talk to them, they need to be shown in code and with examples what is going on. They don’t visit the forums anyway, all communication goes via Alfie or the other guys here.

Thats my 2 cents. Look forward.

@Johnex you didn’t put yourself on the list of good English speakers, but your English is pretty good actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I am a consultant, so I don’t technically work at GL as the others :smiley:

I help here on the forums and do things behind the scenes, and know what’s going on most of the time to answer :smiley:

Alfie has a lot to do, so I get to offload at least some of the work.

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It’s common to don’t “write” in forums because development staff aren’t experts in talking to customers, but not reading is a huge loss!
For example, I have relied on cheating since I was in primary school to study English, so my English is so bad that I still can’t understand 5W1H.
But, if I correct the jargon error after Google Translate, I can understand 100% of what is written in the forum, which is very useful for my work.

A while ago, a friend of mine said:
The discourse that every good engineer can read and write English is wrong. However, every good engineer can handle Google Translate well.

(Oh, but that’s not the case for those who are mentally damage. The customer’s words are sometimes blade, and many engineers’ hearts are made of glass :broken_heart:)

From my point of view, it is much easier to read English directly than using Google translation.

All the chipset specs and guide are in English. So read English is a must for all engineers.

But, communicating with customers is a different skill. Most engineers cannot handle this well and it is a waste of time for both.

We had public bug tracker and it is very difficult to close an issue, because it combines the technical support with bug fixing. Let’s say 80% of the effort is technical support and we would like to put on the forum.


One thing that would be really nice for users with some technical experience, would be a list of known issues both globally (e.g. “affects all devices running version x.xx”) and per-device per-firmware (e.g. “known issues on Spitz running 3.203”).

As others have said, the searchability of Discourse isn’t great. Of course it would be some work to keep a list like this updated. I wonder if there could be some thread to organize volunteers to do it somehow, and give them ability to edit the top/sticky post in a known issues thread per device?? I’m not sure how (or if) this would work on Discourse.


Yes. Maybe combined with FAQ it should be good.