Building a Site-2-Site network manually using two GL.iNet routers

The PLC devices, connected to GL router, has static IP 192.168.0.x??

Maybe should let them use DHCP or set static IP according to the subnet of GL router.

You have remote control to the PLC devices remotely?

Yes, they have static IP address…
I don’t have yet get the remote control, for now I am in the office trying to get in green the dot in the client side.
I modified the LAN IP of the fix mango server to
I am connected with cable to LAN port of fix mango server.
Mango server is connected to the WIFI of the router of the office…

CLIENT (as new user I only can attach 1 picture)

In the client side, you cannot use as the LAN IP because it is used in the server side already.

Hi, Yes, I saw it, later I modified to to 192.168.5.x

But still in yellow… :pensive:

Have you set up portforward in the server side, on the gateway

Which port? server side:


On your main router, you should port forward 51820 to

Hi, you mean open port 51820 to 192.168.???.??? :51820
Excuse me, but seems typing was wrong…
I will request it to IT deparment…

Hi, Just the last question… :upside_down_face:
Because seems that the message was to typed right…
Which address/port to be opened in the router of the office??

I am not sure what you are asking because I said
“On your main router, you should port forward 51820 to”
which seems having answered your question.

yes but the is what is was strange, because in my layout there is no device with the end address .19
I apologize for this duplicated answer

OK. My mistake.

It is

Hi, Many thanks, I was thinking that is this one, but just to double check… :hugs:

Hello, I have strictly followed your guide and successfully created a site to site wireguard vpn but now I wish to add a cell phone from where to see all the site lans. I have added the wireguard connection through the qr code but I can only access to the server lan: and If I try to connect to the first client whose nets are and I have not access by the cell phone.
Please help.


What is AllowedIPs in the phone configuration? You need to add both networks there (or use a full tunnel configuration).

Hello everyone. For firmware 4.X seems like there are some changes that prevent me from successfully accomplish this. Specifically:

  • There is no /etc/init.d/wireguard_server , which prevents me from restarting WG
  • Even after updating the /etc/config/wireguard_server file and rebooting, the wg output does not include the new CIDR
  • Interface is wgserver instead of wg
    Is there some guidance for this to be accomplished?

Some troubleshooting stuff I did:

  • Nothing other than config files found with find / -name wireguard_server
  • No systemd service found that alludes to wireguard service --status-all

Thank you!

BTW I also tried to edit the interface with the LUCI GUI but it is the only interface that does not allows me to edit with a message that says “Unsupported protocol type”, even after installing luci-proto-wireguard

I give up, I simply cannot add the CIDR to the allowed IP list. Doing it on the config file with wg setconf file_name does not seem to work upon restart (wg output doesnt show the new CIDR)

Hello, for firmware 4.X, please refer to this post to set up S2S Building a Site-2-Site network manually using two GL.iNet routers(SDK 4.X)