Building custom firmware for ar150


do we have a tutorial or procedure about building custom firmware for ar150?
and can i use 32bit linux mint?


Imagebuilder is what you should try

But you can always compile using Openwrt source code. I didn’t try Linux Mint. Generally the first time you set up a compiling environment you will meet a lot of issues. But should not difficult to solve.


i got error when i trying this python2.7 gl_image -p.,., i think imagebuilder is not for x86 machine.,.


It should be for x64. Maybe you can get imagebuilder from openwrt directly.


sir can you help me.,.,iwant to build one with stunnel/openvpn and ssr.,.@alzhao


OpenWrt imagebuilder is here

The imagebuilder for AR150 is at the bottom of this page

I cannot provide more help for linux mint.


no i try to do it on my wife’s laptop i installed 64bit ubuntu on it.,.,bcos my linux mint is having error


thanks for your response sir.,.,