Bulk configuration loads that preserve internal MAC addresses?

Hi… I have a few dozen Slate AX (ATX-1800) and Mangos (MT300N-V2) to configure. I have a base configuration for each that I’d like to apply to the others, but have found that doing so overwrites the MAC addresses for br-lan, eth1, eth2 and eth0 devices with the MACs from the router used to create the original config. Fortunately it seems the external MAC, device ID and DDNS are not impacted.

Is there a way, using either the config restore or using imagebuilder to apply configs/images without overwriting the internal device MACs? (and are there any other files I should exempt from the config)?

Thank you.

What configurations do you need to synchronize?

One way to do this is to send the configuration down through GoodCloud, but it can only configure Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.
Another way is to capture the data submitted by the API on the same model and write them as a script using the curl command.

The configuration is just all the settings that I want to apply that were done in the UI and with LuCI. Eg. root pwd, wifi, vpn policies, etc. I’d like to be able to just upload the config archive from the fully configured router to the others instead of doing it all manually… I’d just like to not overwrite the device MACs in the process.

I don’t have Goodcloud business, so I can’t push templates.

I’ve also been trying to use imagebuilder, but it continues failing:

If some of the configuration is done in LuCI, then neither GoodCloud nor the API is appropriate.

You can back up all the configuration files in LuCI and then select that you need to copy to the other devices. the MAC configuration is in /etc/config/network. Note that some of this file is also VPN related, so you’ll need to trim it down and append it to the new device.

Ahh… okay, so I can append to /etc/config/network using a “config restore” file, just being sure that I don’t overwrite the existing sections that would contain the device MACs?

Yes, the MAC configuration in “config device” entry.
It is recommended that you use a script to get the MAC of the original configuration in the device to copy to the new configuration when you copy the configuration.

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Excellent. Thank you.

This seems relevant:

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