Bulk IP block help

I want to block a lot of IP


Create firewall rules for each one? Is there any more fast way without installing any additional packages?

Please try the APPLICATION -> Parent Control, probably it more convenient to copy these IP list.

I don’t see such menu on my Opal, unfortunately
And thanks for fast response!

Opal does not have enough flash to add that feature.

I think it also can meet your requirements by firewall rule (Luci -> network -> firewall -> traffic rule).

Destination address is the txt IPs.

There are newer GL routers support the network control features, like parent control or adguard, can faster to bulk deploy the IPs.

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Hi @Bruce it seems to work. But how to add them in bulk? I will be mad if I will need to copy/paste each one…

Unfortunately it only supports one by one to set up on Openwrt Luci.

@bruce is there any CLI config to bulk paste?

Seems here is answer, ipset, but the even CLI commands also require adding by each one,

ipset add vader
ipset add vader
ipset add vader
ipset add vader x.x.x.x