Buy GL-X750 without LTE module or with ep06-a?

I would like to try the Spitz - even though I can’t find a single confirmation that it will work with Verizon Prepaid… From experience I’m sure the EC25-AF will not - so I’d like to try it with the EP06-A chip but only see EP06-E listed.

Any chances this will change soon? Or can I buy it without the card? Didn’t see none as an option.

You’d better as customer service directly.

EP06-A does work with Verizon but seems there is a supply issue.

WRT Verizon, I’m using two Spitz w/EP06-A on Verizon using a US Mobile SIM. US Mobile is a MVNO that offers Verizon as one of its options (the other being T-Mobile). The prices and flexibility are great IMHO, I only pay for data and it’s easy to add a GB mid-month.

Overall I don’t know what to recommend, however. The initial connection on a new SIM takes fiddling. I believe I had to first plop the SIM into a phone before the SPitz would get a registration, but it’s hard to tell whether that was necessary or whether just waiting longer would have done it.

The biggest problem is that I find the EP06-A firmware/driver immature. For example, uqmi ceases to work pretty rapidly. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a connection and I have the feeling it only works with qmi after the gl_monitor scripts have cycled through a ppp connection. I’ve also had situations where nothing worked and then I either rebooted or power cycled the device and bang! it just connected as if there had never been a problem. In those situations my suspicion is either the EP06-A firmware or a discrepancy between the linux qmi driver and the radio.


Since your experience with this card is not very stable I will disregard this for now and maybe try the Slate utilizing the two Jetpacks I already have which I can connect both via Ethernet and USB as a tether. The only benefit to me was to try to Splitz with LTE however, I am trying to make a current process simpler, not more complicated as it sounds you have had to deal with.

This is very helpful, thank you for responding.

You can get a Sierra Wireless module instead. The Quectel modems are cheap and you get what you pay for basically.

Sierra modules cost 100+ dollars, but they are worth it, and you get much higher performance. You can search the forums for the models of Sierra wireless that other users have tried :slight_smile:

We are testing a Sierra module. It works really good in China. But it does not provide good speed in the US. Still checking out what is the real issue.

So this issue is solved, we may use Sierra module for the US.