Buy Router GL-AR300 from Europa

Hello Bruno,

i´m very sorry but i can´t help maybe u can take a look @mediamarkt redcoon or these links:

Hello Mr. Rene

These are Mediamarket Italian.

You know Mediamarket Germany ?

In truth they would be needed Wholesalers.

You Know Wholesalers ?

To reach MediaMarket it’s better to contact the holding:
The same holding has MediaMarket and Saturn at a big part of Europe.
In the Netherlands the trademark Saturn doesn’t exist anymore and has been transformed into MediaMarkt (dutch name for MediaMarket).

Hello Mr. Joroen

But Mediamarket-Saturn provides computer hardware wholesale ?

I can buy the material directly from them and then sell to my customers ?

Best regards

Bruno D’Ambrosio

Hello Mr. Alzhao

This are images of my software hotspot.

I have included only a few pictures.

As you see my software ?


looks really cool!

i´m interested in the image :smiley:

Hello Mr. Rene

This my project “Software HotSpot - No Cloud”

Read the first topic write of me. ( I explain the features of my software)

I am planning to open a partnership with this company. (GL-inet)
I hope very much in their interest.

Hello Bruno,

hope you find a agreement with alfie the software looks cool and sounds really nice.


whats about internet connection does it support vpn or is the router connected directly?

Looks interesting! :slight_smile:

About the Media-Market: I misunderstood you. I thought tou were looking for a reseller buy you were looking for seller of computer parts in Germany. I didn’t read the whole conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Mr. Rene

No VPN support.

Is a classic wifi router connected to your broadband modem.

In the links below, a small “File.PDF” of how you can use my software hotspot on a network.

Hello Mr. Jeroen

Yes, I search wholesale for buy computer parts for resale at my client.

@rene, air pollution in China is a big problem. But this just happens somewhere, e.g. Beijing, and some seasons.

I am living in Hong Kong and also go to Shenzhen from time to time. The air here is quite good. But of course, according to EU’s standard, it is not good too.

@bruno, hope to check your firmware in the near future.

Hello Mr. Alzhao

My interest is to establish a collaboration with you, in fact I’m trying to get a loan in some banks to obtain financing for create this project with you.

I am willing to give my hotspot software to you but of course I want to open a collaboration and discuss the project with you.

In fact I wanted to ask if you are interested in my project, and we can reach an agreement?

As explained on skype, my goal is to bring your brand in Europe.

Hello Mr. Alzhao

Are online on Skype ?