Buy Router GL-AR300 from Europa

Hi mate,

My name Bruno D’Ambrosio, I am very interested in buying a router GL-AR300.

I wanted to know if you can buy from a European retailer.

Do you have a sales channel in Europe ?

I await your response.Thank.

Best regards

Bruno D’Ambrosio

Hi all

Where can buy in Europa this production ?

Hi, we don’t have sales channel in EU now. You can buy from our website or Ebay.

Hello Mr. Alzhao

Thank you for the information.

However, it of my interest, propose a project from me created and realized on router wifi.

I have realized a software hotspot with radius authentication that runs on firmware openwrt.

The software hotspot provides various authentication modes:

  • Login with Facebook & Like - Login with Google and Login with Twitter

  • Self register with email or SMS

  • Free Access.

  • Access with Username & Password.

  • Access with Web-Open. (New Mode realized entirely by me.)

The software hotspot It is also formed by the following features:

  • Limit Bandwith Adsl Download / Upload.

  • Limit Time Navigation.

  • Export Log User via external software.

  • Displey & Save Log and software utility database.

  • Send eMail Marketing & SMS Marketing.

  • Redirect Web.

  • Customize Page Login.

  • Futures Walled-Garden.

  • Futures Mac-Allowed.

  • Filter Block Software p2p.

  • Monitoring Active Connections

The software Hotspot not is cloud, not is connected with no server external or internal, all the software is installed on router.

I would be very interested to use your router for my project.

May I ask if you are interested in this project ? Can you help me sell in Italy and Europe your router with my software ?

Sorry for my english.

I await your news. Thanks.

Best regards

Bruno D’Ambrosio

Hello Mr. Alzhao

is possibile a your interest in my project Hotspot ?

I understand. It is very interesting.

So the software doesn’t need any server, everything works on the router?

So, the software is for all OpenWrt. Did you try on our routers already? Does the software need a lot of CPU load? If not, you can use our mini routers. Of course, our mini router MT300A or MT300N has good CPU too.

I think you need to try first. As you sell to users and you need to make it very stable and usable. This requires some configuration on the hardware devices. Maybe you can send us the software package and we can try here.

In which way do you want to continue the project? The simplest way is that you just buy from us, you do the market and sells.

Hello Mr. Alzhao

A: So the software doesn’t need any server, everything works on the router?

Yes, everything works on the router.

Yes, the software hotspot It was made on openwrt.

A: Did you try on our routers already?

Yes, I tested the router AR300 and the software runs well.

A: As you sell to users and you need to make it very stable and usable.

By Channel "eBay - Amazon - My web site ( - sales through resellers.

My interest is to buy from you directly.

The problem is that the router must have the European certification to be sold in Italy.

You can not send the software since it was made all by myself and my technicians.

They are also interested in becoming your representative in Italy for the sale of your products.

Sorry for my english.

@Bruno D’Ambrosio

Under what licence is your additional software released?

Hello Mr. Frietpan

My software is under proprietary license. (License BreldoItalia)

How firmware PandoraBox. (

@bruno, does it run on our mini routers, e.g. GL-AR150. It is small, affordable, easy for delivery, and most importantly, it has CE already. The only difference is that AR300 has a more powerful CPU.

Hello Mr.alzhao

I am very interested in the AR300, he is already CE certified ?

I need the AR300 because he has 2 USB ports and 4 port LAN -1 WAN.

Another question you have skype so we can talk better?

My skype is: bruno.dambrosio.breldoitalia

OK. I added you on my skype.

Hello Mr alzhao

My problem is as follows:

Buying your router on your channel eBay or Amazon me will apply a high tax customs in Italy.

Here’s why I’m asking you if your products are also available in Europe on other channels.

Well if you buying from the EU the importer have also pay tax for the import here in germany it is 19% tax for every order over 25€ additional u have to pay vat and so on a router worth 50 usd would easily costs over 70usd this way :frowning:

@Rene, so you need to pay $50* (1+0.19+0.22)= $70.5 for a $50 router, right?

EU tax is crazy. I don’t know how people feeling there!

Yes Alfie, for personal use it´s only 19% but taxes gets higher and higher for commercial use

Do you have in china import taxes?

i´m wondering how cheap things in china are for example electronic some electronic costs only 1dollar includes shipping! Here we pay around 75cents to send a letter to someone else located in germany! :smiley: In china i could easily get a serial adapter for that price includes shipping to germany :smiley:

But i think this is how things works the salary in china seems very low to me, Food and rent must be really cheap in china According to this the yearly wage is 56339 CNY which is around 8000 Euro (you have to work 4-5 months here for that amount)



China import tax is very high too. It is not good to buy from other countries and ship to China. Generally it is 20% for import tax. But it is very easy to ship from China to the rest of the world.

I don’t know how 75 cents can send to Germany for the product and delivery fee. The delivery fee is minimum $2 from what I know. But I know some people is doing this. Seems they have some methods to do this.

So in Germany people earn 3 times than in China. The difference is not that much, from my point of view.

Hello Mr. Rene

I read your previous topic.
I wanted to ask you live in Germany ? Work in the field of IT ? and I was interested to know whether you purchase the material from China or you can help me to buy computer equipment directly from Germany.

Best regards

Bruno D’Ambrosio

Hello Bruno,

yes i live in germany, sadly i dont own a business so i don´t think i can help you :frowning:

or what was on your mind? Order these routers and ship them to italy once their are in germany?


Alfie how is the living in china! is the air pollution really a problem there?

Hello Mr. Rene

I was planning to buy computer equipment as CPU - Motherboards - Video Cards - Router and much more directly in Germany.

Why VAT in Germany is very low compared to Italy.

Do you know any German supplier ?

Or you can buy through you in Germany from China and then send the material here in Italy ?
They are looking for a mediator.

Best regards

Bruno D’Ambrosio