Buying GL-AR750S in Canada


the link to the on this page: is broken. When I click it, it leads to which says: We’re sorry. The Web address that you entered is not a functioning page on our site.

Please fix it, so I could buy this router in Canada.

Hi Stangri,
Our Canada Amazon stock is unavailable now due to some tech issues.
You can directly purchase our GL-AR750S from Amazon US or our Web Store.

BTW just out of curiosity did you guys get around to applying for/receiving Industry Canada approval/certification for your newer products? I brought it up in a discussion with your sales team about a year ago when you were looking for distributors and mentioned that my research showed getting such approval at the same time as FCC compliance was a very minimal amount of extra $$/effort. Without such approval though you were effectively making it illegal to use GLi products in Canada.

Last time I checked only AR150 and MiFi were on the approved list…

Yes, our products are all granted FCC and CE certification. For IC certification, we already applied recently. And the good news is we will get the cert very soon, maybe before Easter.