Bypass hotel captive portal from pc

Hello, I have a GL-MT300N-V2 and i want to know if it is possible to bypass the hotel captive portal while trying to connect from my computer. If not possible, if the option “DNS Rebinding Attack Protection” is disabled and my vpn is active in my router, will this work? I can’t connect to the wifi of the hotel by any means, log in their portal and then jump into my GL-MT300N-V2. Please advise.

Thanks in advance

You can’t bypass it, and you can’t have the VPN autostart until your MAC is registered. Search here for strategies to trigger the captive portal.

Is it possible to use the captive portal in my phone and somehow clone the macc address and avoid logging in in the portal from my pc? I can’t connect directly to the wifi and use the portal from my pc as my Company logs where i am connected.


I am not sure if i am being clear here. What i mean to do is:
If I try to authenticate through the captive portal while connected to the travel router I get a completely blank page; sometimes I don’t even get redirected to the captive portal, like I typically do when connecting directly to the hotel Wi-Fi with my computer or phone.

Thanks in advance

There is no single, foolproof method to have the captive portal page show up when you connect through the router.

Turning off DNS Rebinding Attack Protection is the first thing to try. Next is to try opening the page or (http, not https). Another method is to connect directly with your phone/tablet/computer then cloning its MAC address onto the router.

Recently, I was in a hotel and what worked for me was just to change the DNS setting on my tablet to By default, the DNS is the router’s LAN IP address.

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Thank you wcs2228,
What ip is

Thanks is Cloudflare DNS.

Thank you wcs2228, i will try all the options that you suggested.