Bypass Virgin Box

Hi i bought a flint wireless router can i set it up as a 2nd router to bypasss my virgin box please i know i need put my virgin into modem mkde but unsure what else i need to do help

If you connect the ethernet cable coming from your ISP router

1-on the Wan port put your Flint on router mode,


2- if you connect it on any of the ethernet port 1-4 put your Flint on access point mode

Then do i open vpn up nn sign into a vpn as need it as having blocks ps what level nord do i need top middle or basic

Do you use Virgin Media UK?
Virgin media Box need to make a modem mode. Then connect the cable to wan flint router. Should be automatic by dhcp from Virgin media.

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Not sure, I never had nord vpn, but Iā€™m guessing any one should work :call_me_hand: