Camera Straming to VLC or similar

While it is very nice that the camera works out of the box, it’s practical application is very limited.

You state in this post 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Camera only works for browser. It has session check. In VLC there is not authorization.
I do not understand this, but would like to know if there is there a way to fix or enhance this?

I would like to be able to capture the stream for playback or recording directly to VLC using a url. I do not want to have to watch it to record it (Think security application). I am not clear what is “happening” with the camera when the not on the page. ( Does it turn off, or is it still playing?

If this is not currently feasible, can we add this, maybe with some controls (permissions) and to display the URL to stream, to the next version of the GUI.


If you are not on that page, the camera is still on, but data stream is off.

The camera is now accessible from outside, so we need to put some authorization check. That is only when you login you can see the streaming.

VLC doesn’t have login like the browser, so you cannot use the stream.

To use the stream using VLC, download a mjpg-streamer ipk from Openwrt and replace the original package. then you can control it. We won’t built this into the GUI, as it is uncompressed video and application is limited.