Can access my Dashcam with Open VPN


I have a dashcam in my car that offers WiFi, so I can config/see live view/download files.

I have an Mudi GL-E750 with Simcard in it.

I have connectet to dahcam WiFi like an extender and now I can connect with my phone to my E750 and then make changes on my dashcam.

I have setup a OpenVPN server on my E750 and use DDNS. But I can’t connect to my E750 when it is connected to my dashcam. If I disconnect the connection to my Dashcam then it works.

I have googled, tested, reset and so on, but can’t make it work.

My log from openVPN on my phone says:


You can click the “DDNS Test” to check your IP,because i find your IP from the picture is problematical。

I did, and can see that it have some issues.

I don’t understand the port foreward. Do I need a port foreward on port 1194?

Try to change the failover order for repeater and cellular network at admin panel Multi-WAN page:

make cellular the default gateway.

If that still doesn’t work, why not connect the Dashcam as a client device of GL-E750?