Can AR150 do wired repeater mode?

I want to configure my AR150 as a repeater, but I want to operate it over a wired (Ethernet) connection to the telecom modem/router. Is this possible? If so, how?

I think you mean wired bridge.

Yes. It does. Set up this in the UI and use the switch button to control router/bridge.

I’m not interested in using the switch button for this, but thanks anyway. I did look at your guide, but it didn’t seem applicable. And therefore, just to confirm I am doing things correctly: The Enet cable is plugged into the LAN port, and I’ve bridged the wifi with the LAN port. The WAN port is not connected. here’s how I have set it up in the LUCI interface:

This seems to work, except for one annoying problem: When I am connected to the “primary” AP (my ISP’s router/modem), I cannot access hosts connected to the AR-150. And the ISP’s router/modem doesn’t allow operation in “bridge mode”, and seems disinclined to cooperate with any user-supplied equipment. Any thoughts on this issue would be very welcome!

If you use LAN port for bridging, be sure to turn off DHCP server. Otherwise multiple DHCP servers will give wrong IP addresses.