Can Beryl's speed be boosted with another router?

Can this be done? If so, what are the steps please?

What do you want to boost? wifi signal?

You can always find a router with stronger wifi signal, connecting to your current network and set it in AP mode.

So this is not related to current wifi network, but rather with “another router”.

Sorry. I had to edit the title. I’m referring to the speed.

WiFi speed? VPN speed? or just Ethernet speed?

Honestly, I guess all 3. My usual home internet on Xfinity’s gigabyte speed plan/xfi router, when connected to job’s Vpn on work laptop, speed is drastically reduced from 700-800mbp to 70mbps download.

With Beryl connected to work Vpn, it showed 28mbps download speed (through Xfinity wifi hotspot, that I’m going to use during travel).

I’ve tried to get work’s I.T. to look at Vpn situation, they kept referring me back to my internet provider, claiming they can’t help me.

When you use vpn, the speed dropped. This cannot be avoided.

70bmps for work via vpn is acceptable I think. 28Mbps on travel is also OK.

If you want faster vpn, you need a faster router. We have AX1800 router but it is big for travel.


Could I use that to connect it to the travel router to boost speed? Or are you saying just replace the travel router with it?

I bought the GL-MV1000W exactly for faster CPU to get faster VPN speed.

I think the GL-MV1000W is now discontinued, but you can buy the GL-MV1000 and add a WiFi USB dongle.


Brume reach 97Mbps with OpenVPN, they said.

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