Can Brume running Wireguard be bridged to another router?

My current setup looks like this:

Internet - Bridged DSL Modem - Brume - chain of old routers acting as switches - Wireless AP

Brume handles the PPPoe DSL connection and is the DHCP server. It also runs Wireguard VPN and Adguard Home. I have to say that it runs quite hot for my liking. And DHCP and firewall features are not that great. Also, I would love to have the IDS. Deep Packet Inspection would be awesome too.

Can I insert another router into the mix, so it would look like this:

Internet - DSL Modem (still bridged?) - Brume - New Router - New Managed Switch (or switches) - Wireless AP

And in this new setup:

  • Brume only runs the Wireguard and Adguard Home clients, possibly still handling PPPoe connection?
  • New Router does the actual routing, with better firewall and DHCP server
  • New Managed POE+ Switch does VLANs and powers my security cameras

Would a Managed Switch be able to do what I think the New Router is needed for?

Thanks for your input to help me understand how this can work.
I have searched extensively and remember several conflicting opinions, but can’t find them right now.

If you use managed switch, you do not need a 2nd router.

You cannot put Brume in bridge as your said. It will not work for Wireguard and Adguard.