Can BrumeW 's USB3 type c use for USB3-HDD? Thx


The BrumeW got a USB type A 2.0,
A USB type C 3.0 (for power charger or connect to PC)

Can I somehow use a USB3-HDD on the USB type c 3.0 port?
Thru a hub that can provide 5V/3A?

Honestly with a USB 2.0 Type A,
Using it as a NAS is less attractive.

USB2 max 480Mbps, half that of the 1000Mbps LAN.


so… a no go?


there are some hubs that provide USB C PD (or simple 5V eletricity), at the same time
have usb3 ports.

i will get one later, hope it wont fry my brume.

You can only use a HDD on the USB-A port. The USB-C is only for power and for the network adapter mode (this is software based, virtual adapter).

It might be possible to enable USB-C for other functions such as NAS, but at the moment it won’t work.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the USB3 port as a standard port, as I have higher speed devices that would benefit from it. I have a hub that allows pass-through power. I have removed rndis and the USB Ethernet gadget to prevent the ethernet mode from interfering, but does not appear to have made a difference. @Johnex You seem to imply that it could be possible, any suggestions as to how to get the port to work?

The Brume would be so much better with a USB3 port, I wish the full size port was USB3 (feature request).

No. It requires modifications in hardware to make it work as device or host.