Can GL-AR750S-Ext advanced mode mesure temperature of device

is it possible in the “advanced mode” of a GL-AR750S-Ext to have temperature information of the device?
Thanks for the help

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Advanced mode, luci is not touched. We will not modify it.

I am not sure how to get a proper temperature of AR750S

I monitor the internal temperature sensors of a Brume using Collectd and lm-sensors. I haven’t tried that on an AR750S but I would expect it to work the same way.


And how do you collect or read results after? SNMP?

I think in AR750S there is no temp sensor.


I don’t know actually. Never use the internal temp sensor.

I think indeed as said @alzhao that there is no temp sensor on the AR750S, or that its not made available by the kernel.
I have tried what I did found here
as the “advanced mode” alias “Luci” is a web-interface around the openwrt router software.

So in the “advanced mode” in “system”, then “software”, I did install
and the graph tool

This all works fine, but it does not find thermal sensors.
It add a new entry in the upper horizontal menu bar : “statistics”, with sub-menus “Graphs” and “Setup”.
But even if I enable " Thermal Plugin Configuration", it is not shown in the graphs.
After SSH as root there is indeed nor directory for


But you can have graphs for Processor, network Interfaces, SystemLoad and Memory usage.
As “new user” I cannot upload pictures, but you can find them here if you want to see what it looks like

As the router is in my case placed in a warm location (and its hot summer here), so I’ve just put some cooling outside as we use it as VPN router than needs needs the processor to do lot of work :
2 radiators
and 2 ventilators that can be plugged just in USB
all fixed together with just some removable colson strips
So now it ready for summer and high data traffic.

Maybe a suggestion to add temp sensors, or maybe they are already there but its also possible the kernel does not give access to it… ? It can be useful in production to monitor temperature.

WARNING Be aware that adding these graphs will add load to the router (and so heat), and that using “Advanced mode” can mess things up if not used wisely !

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These device should not have thermal sensors in the CPU. In our Mudi and MiFi we actually put separate thermal sensors because they have batteries.

OK I tried with old application named Spiceworks and indeed you can monitor CPU,RAM, RX/TX on AR750 & AR750S. So no temperature sensor in this devices.

Thank you all for explanations.

Thank you for the pictures! Good system you have! But maybe just one fan is ok to make wind running inside router and forcing to go one side to another? No problems with interferences with fans and radio?