Can GL.iNet 6416 detect a wifi hotspot from 100 meters away?

I’m planning on using GL.iNet 6416 as a repeater, the problem is that the wifi is 100m away from my GL.iNet 6416, can my router detect that wifi from 100m away? I have an idea of placing my router on a 10-meter antenna, so that it’ll be easier to detect that wifi.

100m is too far. The router’s wifi signal should be OK for 100m, in open area. But it all depends on the environment. At least, you should use an external antenna. Pls consider GL-AR150 with external antenna. If you have a stronger antenna, that will be fine. You can connect to GL-AR150-Ext using SMA connector.

If you are series, use a directional antenna. 100m is piece of cake.