Can I change the VPN DNS with GL iNet routers?

Can I change the DNS of my VPN with GL iNet routers?
I want to use PIA-VPN (Private Internet Access) on a GL iNet router with the DNS from AdGuard. Can I set up the router this way?

Or can I use the “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” option to override the VPN-DNS of a VPN-Client running on my PC?

And will it be possible to set a custom DNS over TLS soon?

Is it enough to operate the rounter in access point mode for the intentions I mentioned above or do such options require the router mode?

I replied you via email.

  1. Yes you can. Change in more settings->custom DNS. It works with VPN.
  2. You may or may not. Pls note, if vpn is running on pc, all data, including dns request may just go via the vpn tunnel of the pc and the router cannot detect. Also router cannot override if the pc use encrypted dns.
  3. There is already. Check Cloudflare.
  4. No. The router has to work in Router mode, not bridge mode (AP, extender, WDS).

Would changing the DNS result in DNS leak for the VPN?

It will not cause DNS leak with you combine DNS settings and vpn.

Pls note, some vpn server providers will always say you have dns leak if you do not use their dns servers. But this that not a real dns leak.

Here is example of how to determine a DNS leak

Let’s say if

  • you are in the EU
  • when use Cloudflare DNS
  • your VPN server is in the US

You can check with

You do not have DNS leak if

  • your dns server are all in the US

You will have DNS leak if

  • your dns server include one or more from your home country

I’ve tried all those steps. The problem is when the VPN is active, the VPN DNS is overridden and geo unblocking does not work unless you disable the custom DNS settings or disable AdGuard Home

Yes this is what you should do if you want to use vpn dns

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So if I want to run some clients on the VPN and some others via AdGuard home, that’s not possible then?

No. There is no such configuration.