Can I configure Adguard on Flint 2?

I subscribe to Adguard VPN and Adguard DNS. Is there a way to set them up on my Flint 2?

  1. My Flint 2 seem to have VPN by OpenVPN and Wireguard in the settings. Adguard VPN is IPsec. I have to wait for Adguard VPN Wireguard or am I wrong?

  2. Adguard DNS has several ways to let me establish a secure connection by HTTPS, TLS or QUIC. Is there a way to set that up on my Flint 2, and if so how?

  1. Adguard VPN need to wait couple weeks for paid subscription to use Wireguard

  2. Adguard DNS need make new device looks like router then put 3 address in your AdGuard Home upstream setting.

    Enable Encrypt setting for local:

You could test (last paragraph) to see your Adguard dns is connected.