Can i create 2 separate WIFI for 2 WANS on Flint 2?

I have Flint 2 and im new to it.
I connected 2 Internet to 2 WAN ports of the router. I figured load balancing is not much affective, since it will only use one of the ports on my laptop.
So i was wondering… Let say i enable a second or guest WIFI so it will come from the WAN 2 port only?
Is this possible?
Sorry i did not know how to describe better
Thank you very much

Technically yes but the probable result is you’ll break the pretty Internet/status page of the GL GUI. If you’re comfortable w/ that you’re going to be going ‘out of support’ when it comes to GL as it requires, well, an unsupported configuration. If you’re fine w/ that notion, you’ll need some foundation skills before getting into remapping ports & adjusting firewall rules. See attached.

Combined w/ the fact I don’t have a Flint v2 but the single WAN version that is the Flint v1 you’re going to need to post screenshots upon request. I recommend Greenshot.