Can i install L860 with usb on a gl.inet router or in the X750

Can i install the Fibocom L860 Lte Modul on a Gl.inet router with a Usb adapter or in the X750? Thanks

Sorry, we have not tested this modem, so we cannot provide its information.

Thanks works the Telit LN960 or the Quectel EM12 or EM20 or the R500

Intel XMM7560 chipset - supports 3GPP standard commands, but it’s going to be different to support than Qualcomm based modems.

I would look towards Telit or Sierra Wireless devices based on the Qualcomm chipsets

Works the LN940 ? EP06 can 2x ca and the LN940 3x ca and the Fibocom 5X Ca 4x4 mimo and 256 qam better tahn EP06

I had a chance to test the L860-GL I borrowed from my friend’s new HP laptop works using a M.2 Key B to Mini-PCIe converter on my GL-MiFi (w/ Quectel EP06). Had to return it to him immediately though.

Unfortunately it only connects in ttyACM via menu select to ttyACM2. Also tested can do AT commands in ttyACM0. Even with a IPEX4 to SMA antenna and using the same MIMO antenna for my EP06, it is still slower than the quectel modem which is in QMI mode. I read from other pages that this has MBIM mode but there seems to be no selection for this in the connection option, only ttyACM0 - 5.

Tested in speedtest (sorry have no pic or link):
Fibocom L860-GL = 10 - 15+ Mbps
Quectel EP06-E = 25 - 40+ Mbps

Not sure if MBIM drivers can work with our gl-inet firmware. Maybe when it works we can have better speeds? In my friends laptop since it is in pci-e, speeds could reach 100+ on a good area.

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MBIM - maybe out of tree… :wink:

I don’t know enough about the L860 - but I suspect it’s USB at the end of the day, and MBIM is not as feature rich as QMI, but it works.

Most of the OpenWRT mainline is getting out of date with newer modems, so very dependent on contributors for the odd devices out there - just because it works in windows…

There are efforts to bring updated support for OpenWRT, and it’s in master - but it likely won’t be supported in some small footprint devices as the code there is a bit large, but very capable, I’ve been working indirectly behind the scenes to get ModemManager and libmbim/libqmi pulled in that makes modem support easier, but that’s in master, not in 18.06/19.07…

That’s why I suggest to stick with tier 1 modem vendors like u-blox, telit, sierra wireless - they’re well known across the community, and fairly predictable across different devices from the same vendors.

Can’t say anything about Quectel/Fibocom, as I generally focus on the tier1’s.

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