Can I modify the default output content of OLED Display on GL E750?

Need write some code and run it ?
Or add some code into the firmWare source code ,compile it & refresh it into the machine ?

The default content cannot be modified, it is fixed in the MCU firmware. We provide configuration, you can hide/show the default page, provide a custom page, you can display your own information.

if I wanna import display some customized dynamic content instead of static ‘test msg’ , how to do that ?
for example:
I wanna display the current GPS position data (Lontitude=129 Nor,Latitude=81 East … ) on that small LED screen while I inserted a USB GPS antenna into the USB2.0 port of the machine.
Can’t modify MCU firmware?? :thinking:

You do not need to modify the MCU firmware to display your dynamic information. This requires you to write a shell script to obtain GPS information regularly, and replace the key value of content with your own information.

echo {"display_mask": "1f", "custom_en": "1", "content": " your GPS info "} >/tmp/mcu_message &&killall -17 e750-mcu

Need to add escape character
echo {\"display_mask\": \"1f\", \"custom_en\": \"1\", \"content\": \" your GPS info \"} >/tmp/mcu_message &&killall -17 e750-mcu

Need write the dynamic GPS position stream data into the file ‘mcu_message’ continuously ?

Yes, you can update the data regularly according to your needs, with an interval of 60s, 30s or other