Can I purchase wall mounts for 3 x GL-X750

I was about to purchase 3 x Teltonika RUT950 routers but stumbled across the GL-X750.

The speeds look better as it has the EP06-E modem and will cover all Australian Telstra bands.

The only thing holding me back is no wall mount. There are pictures of them on the product website but I can’t find how to purchase.

We do have wall mount but it is for business customer currently. Since you need to buy it with x750 we will check if it is possible to add it to our web store these days and inform you here when it is available.

Thanks but I have since purchased Teltonika RUT950 routers that have a wall mount included. If you do end up having a wall mount available please update this thread and we may use one of these in a future project.

There is now:

Not in the Australian Gl-iNet Amazon store that I can find.

It is only available in the GL.iNet store, as Alfie linked you :slight_smile:

So how do I purchase one when I’m purchasing an AU GL-X750 from the Australian Amazon store?

You need to order them separate then, or just order from the GL store.

Alfie put that bracket specially for you on the store. For it to show up in the amazon stores, a pallet must be sent to their locations, not something they will do for 1 bracket.

Wall-Mounts for the Brume/Creta/Slate form factors would be good - alternately I suppose strong hook/loop tape (aka Velcro ™) might work for them, as well as Mango/Shadow/White.

For my side project - we turn ar150 upside down, using the “tophat”, e.g. upper case to fasten to the box, rather than the “skateboard” bottom lid - the box being a weatherproof Pelican case along with a 4G LTE modem card and ethernet.