Can I set up a dedicated VPN AP with

Hello all,

I have a GL inet router. I am looking to add a GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) to my existing network.

I want to have the Beryl as a separate SSID using Wireguard VPN so if any devices want to browse the internet behind a VPN, they would select the Wifi SSID of the Beryl.

Is this possible? Been searching and not able to get a clear answer. Thank you.

Yes. I have done this with GL inet routers, configuring a VPN client on the second router and plugging the WAN port of the second router into a LAN port on the primary router. Clients that connect the second router use the VPN. But since only specific clients in my home need the VPN, instead I moved to using a single router with VPN policy routing by client. But using two routers works.


Thank you, steep01.

I take it that I would set up as an access point on the Beryl? Or is there anything else I would need to do on the Beryl admin panel?

Here is what I did:

Cable modem->RouterA->RouterB connected by wired ethernet.

Let’s say RouterA wifi SSID is named Home, RouterB wifi SSID is named Home-VPN. Clients connecting to Home use the home internet gateway. Clients connecting to Home-VPN use the remote VPN server gateway.

I used router mode on both. AFAIK, Access Point mode disables VPN. So only admin panel config VPN client setup and wifi SSIDs are necessary for this to work, unless I forgot something.

So in this configuration, by default RouterA clients are isolated from RouterB clients. If you need RouterA clients ↔ RouterB clients, then more configuration is necessary.


Thank you for the detailed answer, steep01!!