Can I Shotgun WAN connections

I have a gli slate. I want to use 2 isp’s at once. One will be tethered via USB and the other will be ethernet router

Is it possible to use both connections at the same time, effectively combining them into one single internet connection to get faster Internet?

I have heard of multihoming but isn’t that just a fallback system?

Effectively you are trying to bond wan’s together. The only devices that do bonding are LIVEU RTMP streaming, pepwave routers, and a VPN called speedify, which works on windows/rasb pi devices. Unless openwrt has got a speedify plugin, I’d say you won’t be able to do that. I have speedify as part of my aresenal and it works okay. They want 1k monthly for a dedicated server for a private bonding solution. Pepwave’s is a lot cheaper depending on how much data you need to bond but the router cost is higher. I include a screen shot of the speedify speed test on a verizon jetpack and my TMo S21 tetherred through my pc…

If you know what you’re doing with openwrt firmware, this might be a option for adding speedify to this router. GitHub - TalalMash/SmoothWAN: Internet bonding router with seamless failover using Speedify use at your own risk. I may be doing a test on using it with my new Opal router when it comes Tuesday.

Thanks for the info.

Indeed I want to ‘bond’ them together so I get the combined throughout of a landline at 200mbs and a 5g at 600mbs to make 800mbs.

Unfortunately I’m more of a network and hardware person rather than a software person. I have a habit of bricking things.

You’d think by halfway through 2022 they’d have this type of thing in the bag a long time ago.

I was more hoping for a module I could install on the gli slate I have and it’d be up and running but all I can seem to find is that it only has a fallback ‘order’ and it’ll only run one if the other fails first…

This is what you’re looking for but it’s only able to work on certain routers, it works on the speedify vpn I was talking about. GitHub - TalalMash/SmoothWAN: Internet bonding router with seamless failover using Speedify

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