Can I successfully use the Slate 750S to replace my TPlink Archer C9 Router in my home?

I ask this because I am currently using a 750S in my RV. When I am home I use the RV as an office. I do a wireless bridge to my home network. I notice the signal from the RV is VERY strong… And as I wander the 5 acre property, my iphone regularly connects to it when I am almost 100 feet away.

The reason I ask is that the TPlink has no ability to tether to my phone in the event my ISP goes down (which is often out where I live)

That being said since the 750s seems to offer everything the TPlink does (even the built in DLNA server) I want to dump the TPlink and use this tiny 750S. Then when my ISP goes away, I can simply tether wirelessly from my sofa… :slight_smile:

I have a 2 bedroom 1200 square foot home and the wireless only needs to handle a couple of Roku TVs and ipads. Do you think I will have any throughput issues? I would be streaming HD TV. I also want to point out that my ISP only gives me 12mb/sec!

I think it should be OK.

Not sure what is the model of your phone. If you have iPhone, do not upgrade to IOS 14, which will break the tethering to the router.

My iPhone 11 is at 14.2 and my 750S is at 3.14. I just tried the tether and its working fine as I type this using the tether.

I am blown away by the distances this little router throws a signal. I am sure my square footage in the house will support it. My concern is having 2 TV’s streaming 4K on 5ghz each wont swamp the throughput and start buffering.

Do you tethering using via USB cable or using wifi? Using wifi should be fine.

First of all thank you for being so responsive… Really appreciate that.

Yes, I am doing Wifi Tether. In fact if I use this 750s as a home router it would be installed up in my attic where the current router lives… So USB Tether would not be a practical solution anyway. Its only for a temporary connection fallback when my ISP craps out.

So other than that, this little router should be able to be used as my main router? Again simply connect the wan port or the 750 to any port on my ISP router and I should be set? I can leave DHCP on without concern? Any other settings I need to be worried about? NAT? Dont want to have double NAT. Not even sure what that is… but I hear its bad… LOL

I think you can just connect wan to ISP. Set up the router as First Time Setup - GL.iNet Docs

Don’t need to worry about double NAT as it does not make sense to you until now.