Can I switch my WAN port to any LAN port? (Flint 2)

I’m considering getting a Flint 2, and I’d like to know if I can switch the 2.5Gbe WAN port to have a standard 1Gbe port become the singular WAN port.

I’m very new to networking, but I have a main desktop computer with 2.5Gbe ethernet, and a home server that I could upgrade to 2.5Gbe. My internet is <1Gbps, so there’s no need for the 2.5Gbe WAN on the Flint 2, but I would want to use it alongside the other 2.5Gbe to plug in my desktop and server into those two ports, and have a 2.5Gbe connection between them. I’m basically trying to avoid having to buy a switch for these two devices. I’d also want to run network-wide ad-blockers and parental controls for my other (wired & wireless) devices as well as a Wireguard VPN on the router.

Is switching the WAN port to any of the other LAN ports possible? Also happy to hear any better suggestions on my setup.

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I do not own a Flint 2, but I have configured the networking in some devices running the Luci interface and in OpenWRT. I don’t feel comfortable trying to walk you through this, but essentially you would remove the interface you want to be the NEW wan from br-lan, change that port to the wan interface, and then add the OLD wan interface to br-lan. Just do some research and make sure you are comfortable with this. Worst thing that could happen is you will need to reset the router to recover.