Can I take my router into plane?


I recently bought Mudi router. Can I take it with me in baggage/luggage? Won’t my Mudi be harmed when passed through airport gate and detectors?

PS: Why you called this model Mudi? Is it just name? Or have some kind of meaning?

I cannot speak for the Mudi specifically, but I have used my Slate on planes several times and it worked like a champ (or at least as well as the plane’s internet service allowed). Was able to share between phone, laptop, wife, and kids with 1 purchase. I have carried my Beryl AX on a plane without issue, but did not use it on the plane yet. No reason to expect it not to work (though I am seeing some issues reported with MAC addresses and randomization of MACs that indicates providers are getting wise to these issues). In all, mine works fine, YMMV.

I bring my Mudi v2 with me on the plane in my carry-on all the time and have never had an issue