Can I uninstall the latest Flint update?

I would like to revert back to the latest stable, can I do this through UI or is there a whole load of complicated stuff?

Hi I’m on 4.2.3 which is stable what version are you on, the new 4.4.5 which i haven’t gone up to yet as I would rather wait until its up on the site, but there is nothing complicated in going back, i would recommend not to keep you’re settings and just load the firmware and untick keep settings.

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I recently updated my MT-3000 to 4.4.5 even after it stated that it’s not official then had to reset the device to have it work again on 4.2.3 which is stable.

I much prefer to update the firmware with the latest firmware downloaded on the computer, did you upgrade on a fly or did you download the firmware.
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I just downloaded and installed through the web UI as I don’t own a computer, just a tablet. The internet wouldn’t connect a few hours ago and after firmware resetting through web UI it still says I have 4.4.5? This is pretty worrying for me and nobody responsible for pushing untested updates seems to care.

A tablet will be OK I have even upgraded on an apple, the firmware you’re updating to via the web UI is 4.2.3 is that correct the new one is of cause 4.4.5 instantly isn’t a major upgrade just little tweaks, I have to routers a Flint which has no physical file to download yet so I’m still on 4.2.3 but my GL-AXT1800 is on the latest.
If you’re trying to downgrade first Reset Firmware

Then use the 4.2.3 don’t save settings it should go back, but 4.4.5 shouldn’t be a problem, make sure it’s a clean upgrade (don’t keep settings)

This is the release notes for 4.4.5


  • Open VPN server when using tor,delete -4VPN conflict prompt.


  • Fix MQTT runs abnormally after obtaining 4G/5G information.


  • Fix M2 demo board cannot recognize SIM card.
  • Fix abnormal display of LTE bandwidth.


  • Add support for accepting routes option.
  • Add support for mutual access between Tailscale subnets.


  • Fix next-dns setting does not take effect.


  • Fix WireGuard cannot reconnect after working for two days.

Parental Control

  • Fix adding specified url does not take effect.
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4.2.3 is the one I want to use since its the most recent stable release, I did a firmware reset as your image shows but upon logging back in to the browser UI it still shows version as 4.4.5

That resets it to factory settings of the firmware. You want to go to GL.iNet download center on STABLE firmware and scroll down to 4.2.3 and download the .TAR file(GLiNet UI or .DISC file(Uboot)

Once that is done go the upgrade and do manual upgrade, UI will warn you that you are installing a firmware version that is older then current.

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Yes to just when revert is use Reset Firmware it will take you to default settings but will not charge the firmware that is already installed, but then you use the old firmware you want 4.2.3 and simply drop in the web UI box, you could also go down the Uboot road as previously mentioned.

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Thanks for the help, I have it downloaded and will try manually downgrading whenever the next 4.4.5 glitch happens (probably about 15 minutes max :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Hope you got on OK over the weekend the files for my flint were available, so I have both my routers on 4.4.5 no issues apart from the VPN Client Policy Mode still don’t work.