Can I use AdGuard with my VPN DNS?

Merry greetings fellow gl’ers!
I was wanting to know if its possible to use AdGuard at router level while still using my VPN DNS? Right now I use a firewall app (netguard) to stop beastly Google apps from having internet access but sometimes it crashes at random and the cache of Google Play Services goes from 40MB to 78MB. This is something I want to avoid and using AdGuard feels like the only potential backup for when the firewall crashes.

Yep, works perfectly fine.

You have to configure the DNS upstream servers within AdGuard Home then.

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Hello my flippered friend :grin:
Do you know if gl has any guides on how to do that?
I usually just download .conf files for WireGuard and that sorts everything so I’m unfamiliar with manual input

Wait, wait, wait

Maybe I got you wrong.
You want to use your own DNS on a client device connected by Wireguard to your GL router?

I want to use my VPN provider DNS which I’m unsure about the possability of since AdGuard acts as a DNS server in itself (if I understand it correctly?). The VPN and DNS server both belong to my VPN provider and both use WireGuard as the VPN protocol

Phew. Depends on the VPN provider I would say.
You are free to configure any upstream DNS within AGH as you like. So I would assume you can simply enter the VPN providers one.

As long as the router can reach the DNS server all will be good. Since you are connected by WG with your VPN provider this should work. Just give it a try.


I shall experiment and report back.

One more thing, I’ve heard of AdGuard taking up lots of power and decreasing network speed causing some to switch it back off but is that the worst that can happen? I always worry about bricking the router since I don’t have an actual PC to use the recovery software with

AGH is pretty lightweight - there should be no impacts.


Yep, same thing like pi-hole.
Speed traffic is your isp. Adguard home is own dns with any upstream dns servers. Only matter is ping.

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AGH’s hit to performance will increase depending on how many blocklists you’re using.

Off topic but heavily related: take a look at the Rethink app; logging, firewall, DNS, VPN, blocklists all within one Android app. It’s far from perfect & there’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s being actively developed. I have 85 subscriptions to free blocklist feeds so I hear you loud & clear on the Google question.

This way you’re still private when ‘out in the field.’

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It does look like a promising app but right now it looks like you can only use their own proprietary DNS servers and the app contains no ads so its difficult to see how they’re managing to provide the service which presumably costs them at least something while getting nothing back

They’re a non-profit affiliated with Mozilla.

I’m using Quad9 on one phone & a different/custom DOH service similar to AGH on another. It’s one of the non-obvious settings in the app. Rethink’s marketing material & documentation is sorely out of date.

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Do you mean Quad9 is a non profit affiliated with Mozilla or Rethink?

Rethink gets funding fr Mozilla, IIRC. Their app is on F-Droid so it’s certainly F/OSS (Apache licensing). It can use whatever you have your phone set for its native System DNS as a global override. Cloudflare, Google, Quad9 are optional DNS providers OOTB. I’ve added two DOH a-la AGH competitor on my primary phone.

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Would the “FanBoys List” be a decent custom DOH to try?

I couldn’t tell 'ya; I have over 85 enabled. I just ‘shotgun’ anything that looks privacy related/anti-tracking/anti-big tech related. Fcuk’em all.


The method of champions :sweat_smile:

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Oh dear :sweat_smile:
I have 29 list

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You live in Leeds but have Russian and Turkish block lists?

Yes, I live in Leeds. Yes I have Russian list for my primary language.
Turkish was auto filter list when visiting Turkish website for holiday.

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