Can I use Beryl AX as wifi-wifi failover?

I want to use the Beryl AX as a wifi client with two interfaces that act in failover mode with each other (WAN = 2x wifi, LAN = ethernet). I could not find a lot on whether you can even use the two band/antennas as separate radios/interfaces?! My idea was to use Multi-WAN or mwan3 to combine the two interfaces. Does that sound possible?

My use case is that I have a fast moving setup (think a notebook) that will jump between multiple overlapping APs. I want one radio to eagerly roam to the best signal AP and one to act as a failover that will stick with the current AP for much longer even if the signal is subpar. I would set the fast roaming interface as prio 1. Is that possible? It does not seem like you have an easy way to set a minimum RSSI threshold for interfaces with OpenWRT, right? Can i do that with a script, checking every few seconds if the “fast” radio has low signal strength and then restart it with wifi down/up?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

You can connect 2G and 5G to different AP, but not possible to connect the same radio to different AP.
Other requirements such as fast roaming and minimum RSSI threshold are not supported yet.