Can I use GL-AR750 EXT as wireless bridge?

I’d like GL-AR750 EXT to connect to my network via wifi, but not as a router but as a bridge.

In other words,
(a) I don’t want GL-AR750 EXT to serve as wifi access point,
(b) I want GL-AR750 to extend my network through the LAN ports only, and
(c) I don’t want GL-AR750 EXT to operate DHCP server and create its separate network.

Are all of these possible?
I’ve tinkered with the settings, but couldn’t do it.

More settings->network mode

You will find extender and wds mode.

Usutally you should use extender mode because it is compatible with all networks.

wds mode only compatible with networks that support the same wds, e.g. another GL.iNet router.

I’ve tried the extender mode, with mixed results.
The clients connected to the GL-AR750 - IP cameras in this case - don’t appear on my home network’s main router.
I need to be able to access them by their IP address from other devices on the network.

Disconnect them and reconnect. Should appear in your main network.