Can I use OpenVPN only with a selected device?

Hi. I am looking to upgrade my gl-net travel router to the flint model. But I have a question. Can I use OpenVPN to router a single iPad through a VPN and allow the rest of the traffic to bypass the VPN? If this is possible can you tell me the set up procedure? Thanks!

Perhaps the VPN support are active (if you activate by menu item) only for non Ethernet and non wifi guests.

From my point of view, it will be a great feature, to have the opportunity to unselect VPN for wanted devices by MAC list.

A people which doing this should unselect the communication between Ethernet devices and between wifi devices.

We will see what the gl support tell about.

Search here on policy routing or VPN policy.

Thanks. Does the VPN policy feature fully work on the flint router? I want to enable it by MAC address. Also I read in some reviews that the flint router uses an older version of the wrt software. Will this be a problem going forward? Thanks.

The flint router doesn’t look to be a travel router, so I am not following you on this.

I have a mango and a beryl travel router, and I don’t use the VPN policy feature for them. In my use case I do not want any of my devices not to go down the tunnel. So I don’t use VPN Policy rules.

If you do want some/not all to use a tunnel, then VPN Policy is what you want to look for.

The current travel router I have, I just use it as an OpenVPN router at home connected to my primary router. But I would like to replace the setup with a single faster flint router. So I guess the VPN policy should work. One other thing, I seem to lose the VPN connection every 2 days or so and I have to reboot the router (I could probably manually restart it also by going to the config). Is there any way to tell the router to reattach to the VPN every so often? Thanks!

I’m no help here. My travel routers, um, I travel with. If your primary router can’t do everything you intend, you got the wrong primary router.

That’s fine, you answered some of my questions. Thanks. If anyone else knows if you can get the router to automatically reconnect to the VPN if the connection is lost please let me know. I’m thinking the fact that the connection is lost is due to the VPN which forces me to recycle every few days. Right now, I connect to my primary router if I don’t want to use a VPN and my secondary (a gl-net) router, if I want to use the VPN. If I can use the VPN policy to connect based on MAC address, then I’ll probably replace both of them with a single flint router.

Yes the router can automatically reconnect vpn when Internet breaks and recovered.

There was a bug causing wireguard failed to reconnect but it is fixed in firmware 3.211.

Does the reconnect feature work with OpenVPN as well? I use ExpressVPN and have to reboot the router every few days. But I haven’t updated the firmware in a long time.

It is not related to openvpn. Seems it is another issue.

Pls just upgrade the firmware and check.