Can I use the Beryl router with google cloud vpn?

Hi all,

I am looking to set up a vpn within the US that I can access while I travel. Can I config the beryl travel router with a google or amazon cloud vpn to automatically connect to my usa vpn when using a laptop?

I am a complete noob and unsure how this set up would work

I cannot confirm the Beryl works with a VPS on Google, as I do not own one, but I can confirm the GL iNet AR750s and USB150 works great as a client with both Wireguard and OpenVPN servers running on a Ubuntu 20.04 VPS on the Google Cloud. I use my Google VPS as a backup VPS, and I now use and recommend using the free Oracle Cloud tier for VPS services, using one of their data centers in the US, as they give you much more data egress per month for free, and much better equipped VPS on their free tier compared to Google Cloud free tier. Right now I am in Central America VPNed into one of my Oracle VPS using a GL iNet AR750S, and my notebook and phone IP address are reported as being inside the USA.

Now how to do it if you have no Linux, Cloud or VPS experience is going to be difficult, but there are You-tube videos and online guides to help you.


Oh wow, sounds complex!

I have no experience. :(. I’m just looking for an easy solution so my company doesn’t pester me while I’m abroad.

Any suggestions?

Easy solution is just to buy a commercial vpn. Is this an option?

It could be if they are secure