Can I use WiMax Modem with GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2?

I am planning to buy a GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2. But my question is can I use WiMax Modem in it? There are 2 types of modem 1. has a software which needs to be installed if I want to use it’s connection & 2. Plug and Play (they call it hostless modem). Expecting your kind support guys. Though I’m already in love with this cute Mini Router. Thanks a lot to GL.iNet :heart_eyes:

I don’t have such a modem. But as long as it is hostless, it should work with the router.

A few hours ago I received my GL-MT300n v2 router. Updated to firmware 2.27. But failed to connect my modem huawei mobile broadband e303. Using 5v2a mi usb charger and yet no luck!

I used another career’s Sim in the same modem and found that from Bangladesh only 1 career is there “teletalk”. So, how can I connect to Grameenphone or Robi network :neutral_face:

can you tell me if you set up as tethering? Do you have a UI from the modem?

It’s not hostless. It’s a 3G Mobile Network Modem. And in 2.27 I can’t find the mobile operators except “Teletalk”. The modem works perfectly when it’s directly connected to my laptop through USB port. (upload://65KPtvKJHVm3yLXUH66BXFXqBYp.JPG)"