Can I use your-freedom as a proxy server on my router?

I am using your-freedom on my PC to skip the captive portal in order to access the internet, place the proxy server data that it creates in the browser and I can access any site. (in fact I am in this forum in this way) my question is: can I use this method as a proxy server on my GL-MT300N V2 router through Luci? and so everyone who connects to my router has access to the internet? How do I configure it ?, I need help

How can your-freedom skip the captive portal?

Through a DNS tunnel, the configuration varies from time to time, because the ISP of my country is blocking them, the connection is not very fast but at least I do not pay the exorbitant prices that charge for 1 hour of internet, the your-freedom makes proxy server and putting the data where it is working in the browser I can access, this is on my PC, since in the mobile application of your-freedom allows me to have connection in the complete device, I was observing that in the interface Advanced of my router you can configure a transparent proxy so that everyone who connects has access to the internet because your-freedom is working as such, my question is: how do I configure the transparent proxy using the proxy data of your-freedom ?