Can not reach server name within LAN

I get a problem to reach the server within LAN via server name. I get it via IP, but not via server name.
So I can ping the IP of the server, but not the name.
But I need to reach the server name for using the sql data.
So it seems to be a DNS problem somehow.

DynDNS is running on Speedport router via
Speedport router has port forwarding to GL.iNET.
Wireguards DNS is set to the IP of the router.

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Nobody knows such problem?

Unfortunately I don’t read German, but I’m fairly sure that just allows you to reach your Speedport router from the internet by name instead of whatever dynamic IP your ISP has given you. It doesn’t provide DNS services inside your LAN, so unless you run an internal DNS there’s no way an internal client can resolve a name to an IP.

Wow! Didn’t thought that it could be a problem of the DynDNS provider. Thanks!
But if I set my router as DNS, is it still a problem for doesn’t support any DNS at all?

By the way, where did you get the info about the and DNS within LAN?
Support said that there should be no problems doing that (just with deactivated DNS rebind protection.

It’s not the case, that selfhost doesn’t support internal DNS. The problem could be just the dns rebind protection. I deactivated it and it worked. Now I can not even reproduce the issue. So sometimes I can reach the internal network and sometimes not. I suppose it has something to do with the MTU and Wireguard. But if I set MTU to 1280 or 1330, I still sometimes get connection and sometimes not.

If its a problem of MTU, can I set MPU within the GL.iNET?

Do somebody has such strange problems with wireguard on the GLi.NET device??

#Edit: ok, I got it on one device.

  1. wireguard with internal DNS (router) - allowedIPs of internal LAN - domain of the dynDNS
  2. activate wireguard
  3. start Windows shell and ping the internal server with /f /l 1400 - reduce till the ping works (1390…1380…)
  4. configure the wireguard with this highest MTU (MTU = 1330 for example)
  5. reactivate wireguard
  6. configure the network shares and check them
  7. start your software, which is based on these shares (MySQL or smth. else)

I suppose that I must configure the personal MTU for each client on the internet point, which is used by this client. So each client gets a special MTU. Otherwise the connection doesn’t work properly.