Can Repeater mode be daisy chained?

I’m trying to extend a network using the repeater function to connect a pair of GL-Mango routers in sequence.

The first one works great, I added the second router, select the first one as the SSID but when I click it the error message unable to update WAN appears.

Is there a solution?


Maybe it is just a bug in the UI. Can you try try refresh the browser using F5 and try again?

I tried refreshing and rebooting but had the same error message.

It is possible to link these devices in series then? ie:

Wired wireless router ---- GL Repeater 1 ----- GL Repeater 2 ----- PC


This is possible.

There are several things to take care.

First need to know is that will you change the SSID or just keep the default one. If you change all SSID to the same then the router may not know which router they will connect to.

Second need to know if you use WISP or WDS? If you use WISP then each router will have its own subnet. That is to say, repeater one is then repeater 2 must use a different IP eg Maybe this is the reason.

I change the IP of the second GL to

It now says internet access but can’t resolve an address and can’t ping the GL upstream of it.

ie: it cannot find via ping

Getting closer I think

maybe you can post the info of WAN status of both routers so that I can have a check.