Can router connect to 5Ghz network while device connects to router with 2.4ghz

I’m thinking of buying the opel travel router and then connecting the router to a 5ghz network and then connecting to the router with my phone with 2.4ghz as my phone does not support connecting to 5ghz networks, is this possible?

Yes for sure. Yes for sure.

For my Beryl Ihave 2,4GHz for WWAN connection and 5GHz for local, because 2,4 is better for distance and 5 for performance. But it will work the other way around, too.

At the moment I’m testing how the Slate AX will do with ‘Band Selection: Auto’ (I don’t know if this feature is also available at Firmware 3. My Beryl is on tour at the moment). At my home Network (4 WLAN AP in Mesh) it seems to prefer 5GHz.
The Clients are connected via 5GHz or 2,4GHz, depending from the capability and distance.