Can Site to Site be used to access Smart DNS service at Main Node end?

I use a smart DNS service (DNS4ME) to access geoblocked TV via Wireguard when travelling to connect back to my registered home router. I want to know if Site to Site will be a better solution ?

GL.iNet support China are now on a weeks holiday so i will try here !

When travelling I have used Wireguard to set up a VPN between two GL.iNET routers to remotely access my home router that is registered with the smart DNS Service. This works very well when I define the SmartDNS IP in the remote Wireguard configs but seems unreliable after a few weeks as I have to keep recreating the wireguard service with fresh keys as it refuses to connect .

Support suggested I try Site to Site instead.
When travelling my media TV device is connected to my travel router “Node 1” a GL.iNET 750 (e.g at a hotel), but the DNS request and data must come from my home Main Node MV1000 router to the internet as that’s the public IP address registered with my smart DNS service.
( I can’t use the Smart DNS service from Node 1 directly as the hotel IP address is not registered to my service and can’t be as its commercial anyway. I’ve tried, it fails.)

The site to site does work to access my local LAN at home

What do I do with Site to site to ensure all DNS requests and data from Node1 are issued from the Main Node’s public IP to the internet ?
Support suggested adding my smartDNS IP to the Goodcloud subnet settings on my Main Node (home router) . I tried but I still get blocked on TV services so its not working.

I haven’t changed any of the default site to site IP settings except adding the above IP address.

Settings are for the Main Node router with LAN IP of
Allow Access for the Following Subnets

The other remote router Node 1 LAN is
Allow Access for the Following Subnets

Does this site to site feature work the same way as Wireguard VPN and route ALL traffic destined for the internet via the Main Node (home router?). Can SmartDNS work via the site to site feature ?

thanks for any help.

Site2Site, allows you to access the other subnet. But all of your data goes to normal internet.

I think you can set the dns to your smartDNS server. So the dns is resolved using your own server when you built a Site2Site setup. But your data will go to your normal Internet and I am not sure if this will work for your application.


I have a very similar requirement and use similar hardware.

I do though have my main node behind the primary router (the GL-MV1000 has the home router LAN plug into the GL-iNET WAN).

Please can you let me know if you found a solution? I would actually use Wireguard too but for the fact that the standard GLiNet interface does not allow a client Wireguard setup with a Dynamic IP address (I use no-ip and I receive an error if I try to use this as my Wireguard endpoint).

If you have any thoughts I would very much appreciate them!!